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Technical data
Temperature -2680C-3150C
Pressure 210Bar
PH rang 0-14

Common standard pls-200
3mm*30m 1/8"*15ft
6mm*30m 1/4"*15ft
9mm*30m 3/8"*15ft
12mm*30m 1/2"*15ft
16mm*30m 5/8"*15ft
19mm*30m 3/4"*15ft
25mm*30m 1"*15ft

Pearls 200 is adopted the micro-fibrillated structure 100% PTFE The micro-fibrillated structure tums ordinary PTFE into a dimensionally strong, creep resistant gasket material. It is soft and pliable to conform to worn or uneven flange surface and effect a tight seal. Yet it is resistant to cold flow and creep for long reliable life. The tape is with adhesive back for ease of installation at plant or scene. It can use at steam contain, flange, man-hole, glass joint, ceramic joint, heat transfer, water system, hydraulic pressure, gas system, pump or compression machine flange etc.

Typical PLS-200 Joint sealant property
Tensile strength Psig (Kpa)
(ASTM f-152) 2.000(13.790)
Compressibility %(ASTM f-36) 55-80
Leakage rate (ml/min)
(ASTM F-37-8) 0.13
Variation of compressibility %(ASTMF-38) 40
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