Sell PTZ High Speed Dome Camera

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Product Feature:
1) New high strength aluminum-titanium alloy structure, effectively prevent deforming and keep surface bright
2) Newly-designed black shield inner cover, more concealing
3) Static remove dust, double deck ventilate hole constant temperature design, apply IP66 safety standard.
4) High quality step motor and belt, make it more reliable
5) Intelligent speed shift, 0. 5/S-280/S smooth pan shift, 0. 5Degree/S-180 Degree/S tilt shift, 180 auto flip, 360 continuous revolve.
6)128 preset points and 8 groups multiple cruise, every group 16 preset points.
7) programmable setting cruise speed between presets and presets stick time, 1-64 level cruise speed setting and 1-60 second preset stick time.
8) Color 18X, 22x, 27 X optics camera module.
9) proportional zooming, reduce pan/tile speed according to zooming level, ensure clear and balanced image, get the best picture.
10) Private zone masking, can freely set private zone masking, direct proportion enlarge or shrink to lens zooming level.
11) Inbuilt multiple protocol, allow any system.
12) Power-off information protect and inbuilt surge, lightning strike protection device.
13) Accessory function: Vandal-prevent device.

Technical Index:
1) Level running: 360 continuous revolve, 180 auto flip.
2) Rotate speed: 0. 5/s-280/s level shift, 0. 5/s-280/s upright shift.
3) Presets point's quantity: 128pcs program speed and stick time.
4) Two points scan: Can set scan speed, stick time.
5) Cruising route: 8 groups multiple cruise, max to 16 preset points every group.
6) Manual menu: Osd menu
7) Private zone masking: Can set by yourself.
8) Proportional zooming: Six grades.
9) Auto-reset: Can set by you.
10) Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600 optional.
11) Control protocol: Multi-protocols.
12) Power supply: 24vac 3a.
13) Temperature operation: -40--60