Sell PU Foam Series packaging

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PU Foam Series

PU foam mainly includes polyester and polyether types. ZhongFan foam products include air, water and oil filter foams, water-absorption foam, water-resistant foam, cushion and shockproof breathing foam, water resistant breathing foam, anti-static foam, general foam series, slow rebound foam series, injection-molded foam series, handicrafts sponge series, etc.
FEATURES: Good heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorbency, shock absorption, fire resistant, anti-static and good air refreshing features, etc.
APPLICATIONS: Many industries such as appliances, instruments, handicrafts and giftwares, wood wares, glass and porcelain wares, waterproofing for buildings, sound absorption, travel cases and boxes, clothes, house textiles, shoes and hats, toys, furniture, childrens articles, packing, automobiles, batteries, makeup and underwear, etc.