Sell PU pre-insulated duct panel

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PU pre-insulated duct panel

Environment protecting & energy saving: no problems caused by the release of fibre or other contaminants thanks to the protection of core foam with aluminium foils. It also has exceptional and uniform thermal insulation effect in all points of the ducts.
Light weight & ingenious assembly: Extreme Light weight with the consequent reduction of the load on the support structures, bracketing and hanging points, and the labour times and materials necessary for installation.
Low air leaking: Air leakage from the duct is extraordinarily low because of its exceptional air seal guaranteed by Haohai flanging system.
Flame retardant & Sound attenuation: The insulation material has fire retardancy of B1 Class according to GB8624 (Equivalent to DIN4102) and good sound attenuating effect.
Attractive aesthetic finish:The aluminium foil that can be painted in different colours or provided with texture coating or other treatments offered duct attractively aesthetic finish.
Safety & reliability: Comprehensive physical and mechanic properties of duct ensured the safety and reliability in daily life.

Physical properties:
Thickness of panel: 20mm
Density of Core material: 69kg/ m3
Compressive strength: 10i??i??0.2MPa
Thermal conductivity: 0.021 W/m. K
Flame retardancy: B1
Friction coefficient: 0.0135