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Visonmed brand PU(polyurethane) Medical Operation Thin Film is the newest generation product in present surgical operation, and made by coating the introduced medical pressure-sensitive adhesive on dressing. PU film is of soft and light feeling, strong skin philicity, high breathability, water resistance, moderate viscosity, no dropping during operation, thus avoiding infecting of disinfected part to a greatest degree, leaving no residual adhesive when removing it after operation and saving the clean time.
1) Transparency: The film is ultra thin and high transparent, hence clear observation to surgical operation part.
2) Permissibility: No effect to normal breath of the skin, protection from water building-up under the film, thus reducing infection and providing a germ-free environment for surgical cut.
3) Water & Germ Resistance: Prevention from invasion of water, germ or foul and restrain wandering about of germ during operation.
4) High Elasticity: Compliant binding on skin along body curve, hence reliable binding
5) Low sensitivity & moderate viscosity: no irritation to wound and no injury to skin when removing the dressing.
Directions for use:
1) Disinfect the operational parts.
2) Spread the film to extend by two sides, remove the base paper, and put the film on skin of the cut to be operated after the skin is fully dry.
3) Smooth the film from the center to circumference to make the film contact fully with the skin. No bubble is allowed.
4) Remove the PE plastic lining film over the film.
5) Directly cut on the operational film.
6) Sew up the wound after operation only after lifting a little on two sides of the film.
1) Sterile, single use only.
2) Sterile guaranteed unless package is damaged.
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