Sell PU wheels (polyurethane caster wheels)

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We specialize in manufacturing of cast PU wheels and rollers on cast iron/aluminium/steel cores. Our cast PU wheels are of hardness 95 Shore A and 85Shore A for heavy and extra heavy duty loads.
Wheels are available from 2 inch to 16 inches diameter with customized sizes of PU tread as per requirements. We have sufficient inventory of all standard sizes.

Our Polyurethane wheels are widely used in automotive industries, forklift drive wheels, pallet truck rollers.

Composition- high grade liquid cast Polyurethane
Hardness- 90-95 Shore A (hard tread heavy duty) .
60-70 Shore D (extra hard treads for extra heavy duty)
and 82-85 A (soft tread for no noise)
Load capacity- 200 kg to 5000 kg. or even more as per requirement.
Abrasion resistance- 5-10 times of rubber.
Options: Available with or without ball bearing.