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This is the biggest puzzle machine in China. Generally, the domestic puzzles with 2, 000 are synthesized by the four 500 pieces, then combinated manually. Or many factories only producing 1000 pieces make the puzzles with 2000 pieces by pressing two times then rearrange, the effect is not so well and difficult to link up) . It is one-off printed in our company.
Product characteristics:
1. Use the domestic and advanced same gear rotate, the speed quick, the strength big, and frugally uses electricity.
2. Simultaneously uses the system positive and negative gear automaticly withdrawal, then change former traditional flaw which can only automatically enter but cannot automatically withdraw, thus causes your printing to be safer and more convenient, .
3. Electrical lines design safely, regular factory fitting, , and the emergency stop cock besides the switch.
4. We simultaneously supply each kind of high quality of consume materials, such as the chart knife board, the knife mold, as well as the chart frame and so on
5. Order large-scale or the heterogeneous type of the the chart machine (price to discuss in person)
6. Free bestow the fitting package: we present a set of commonly used fittings in each section machineall, which makes the customer use normally.
1. We wrap free iron sheet, knife mold, the instruction under the knives templates
2. The machine makes the puzzle samples. It is basically debuged before leaving the plant. .
3. Bestow the glue water and the partial cardboard using on the chart board.
4. Imported knife mold compound small specifications size.
5. Present a set of knife board of 2000 pieces (size: 820*1100mm) axial diameter: 160mm width: 1000mm voltage: 380v frequence: 50hz power: 2. 2kw the lash-up swith and the independable control cabin size: 1. 4*1. 4*1. 4m
We will present the demo discs and instructions with the machine so that to make sure you can extend and use convininently. Simultaneously we also has other each kind of individual equipments' material. Believe that it will breakthrough the great significance between you and your customers because our communication.
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1. 4*1. 4*1. 4m
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