Sell PVA Spongy Polishing Wheel

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Outstanding soft elasticity, and form smooth surface without deep abrading porosity is adjustable, and avoid overheating and burning. Keep well self-sharpening. Excellent absorbing ability, and fit for dry polishing and wet polishing cooled by oil.
Be used for soft, sticky metal, such as aluminum alloy, brass, zinc, stainless steel.

PVA Spongy Polishing Wheel

Dimension Grit Inner Packing Carton Size
[inch] [mm]
[pcs/kg/ctn] [mm]
4"W2/5"W5/8" 100W10W16 36#~1500# 200/18 540W290W330
4.5"W2/5"W7/8" 115W10W22 36#~1500# 200/22 580W310W330