Sell PVA mop

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Product Name: PVA Mop
Place of Origin: China

1) Idea for cleaning and drying any surface, which included floorboards,
windows, tiles, linoleum, terracotta
2) Absorb up to 5 times more water than ordinary sponge mops
3) Wrings out easily and no dripping

Specifications for using:
1) To keep longevity, before each use soak mop head in warm water to soft
mop head
2) Keeps PVA mop clean rinse mop head thoroughly in clean water after
each use
3) Lets air dry
4) Changes mop head is available, remove 4 screws between rollers, replace
mop head and use the same screws to secure new mop in place

1) Over 70 degrees water may damage the mop head
2) Do not use the mop with any product with any products contain bleach
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