Sell PVC& Aluminum Doors&Windows and profiles

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ALPLAS aluminium and plastic industry limited company have been working in Bursa city centre, and produces aluminium windows, doors, facade since 1990. Nowadays, our company working at 3700 m2 covered and 1000 m2 uncovered area. ALPLAS Lmt. Company follows all technological developments and put them into practise in own sector. Our company designed 'A System' and under this system and define; 'ACW' 13 different type of facade (classical, structural glazing glass facade and half structural) 'AWD' 18 different type of heat isolated windows and doors 'AWDn' 18 different type of non-isolated windows and doors and 'AWDs' isolated series of sliding windows and doors. ALPLAS Lmt Company completed the produce of these product and serve asistance staff with all accesories. Our company serving in own sector with vanguard and teaching peculiriaties at system designed and their practising.
All kind of detail problems in your buildings can be solved best ideal solution by our technical staff, nopt only approaches your request with standart solutions but aso non-limited imagination in designming and practising in frastucture. ALPLAS Lmt. Company serves your projects since designing time to ending of Project.
We can arrange some working fields like below:
1- ACW facade series
Classic system
Structural glazing glass facade system
Structural glazing glass facade system (Non bonding)
2- AWD, AWDn, AWDs aluminium and PVC windows and doors series
Isolated and non-isolated windows and doors systems
Isolated and non-isolated sliding windows and doors systems
Aluminium folding door and window systems
3- Automatic doors
Doors with fotocell
Automatic and manuel circulating doors
Garage doors
Industrial doors
Garden door
4- Compozite panel application
5- Aluminium banister systems
6- Shutter systems
7- Transparent roof and lightning systems
8- Aeration and smoke evacuation systems
9- Panic escape systems