Sell PVC+PVDC coated film

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Our company main produce solid officinal PVC rigid sheet, all main materials are using the high grade PVC resin , assist the top grade accessorial materials. our products is not only equal, clarity and bright, but also have such characteristics: good impact resistance , good anti-corrosion, good aging-resistant , good ultraviolet-resistant and readily become to shape , heat close quickly , excellent airproof character and so on. Our product are the ideal packing material for all kinds of medicine eg tablets, capsule, injection fluid or orally taken fluid.

Light evade officinal PVC film produced mainly by high standard sanitation PVC resin together with suitable amount of assistant and color up material , come into product after clashing. The product keeps the impact resistant, anti-corrosion characteristic of transparent PVC film and has the function of evade light and beutify. Our product are the ideal packing material for all kinds of medicine eg tablets, capsule, injection fluid or orally taken fluid.

I. General technology parameter and survey standard

1. Profile specification should conform to the stipulation downmentioned

Width (mm)
Thickness (mm)

80300 error13
Make as client's request
0.08- 0.24 error10.1

0.25 - 0.4 error10.015

2. Profile quality requirement:

Color transparent, no crack, scar, accidented, hole, separate out, be short of edge, oil stain allowed. Roll levelled, cut trim, same elasticity.

II. usage parameter(This product is different of other producer's)
Froth absorb temperature:700  800, normally 750.

Negative pressure:2.4

III. Specific parameter IE national standard.

Officinal PVC/PVDC coated film started from Germany factory in the 40 years 20th century. Due to the excellent barrier resistant characteristic, it can protect the medicine from humid in the process of application.
Our technician tested successfully based on PVC film coated with PVDC , refer to collegues experience. During the process of production, temperature, coated amount and times are strictly examined by making the final product meet the standard of same type of product abroad. The barrier ability is 5 times higher than the common PVC. Meantime it has the rigidity and flexility, It can be widely used in packing all kinds solid medicine especially for easy humidity absorbing material.
As per the investigation, presently 80% medicine are packed in this kind of material, but in our country widely used PVC will penetrate gases or fluid under room temperature in 6 months. It has profound effect to products. But if using PVDC, the period for protection to medicine can reach at least 2 years.
Brand Name
PVC+PVDC coated film
Supply Capacity
30000 TON
Available Colors
to customized
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
20 TON
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
about 21kg a roll