Sell PVC Coated boat material

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We manufacture and export pvc coated fabric for boat material, which is used as best material for boat, swimming pool, leisure floating facilities on the water. Different kinds of
width, thickness or weight, color is available for your selection.
1) Item:D-01, Polyester:550 x 550Dtex, Size:11*11/cm, Breaking:1700/1600 N/5cm, Tear strength:220/220 N, Adhesion:90N/5cm, Weight:450g/sq. m. ;
2) Item:D-02, Polyester:1100*1100Dtex, Size:8*8/cm, Breaking:2800/2500 N/5cm, Tear strength:380/350N, Adhesion:90N/5cm, Weight:650g/sq. m. ;
3) Item:D-03, Polyester:1100*1100Dtex, Size:12*12/cm, Breaking:4000/4000 N/5cm, Tear strength:550/500N, Adhesion:90N/5cm, Weight:1100g/ sq. m. ;
Hydrostatic resistance:700PSI, Temp resistance:-30/70Celsius degree, Flame resistance:B1, Width:from 2.5meter up to 3.5meter available.
Inflatable boat\yacht, inflatable pillow, leisure facilities floating on the water.
Features:Strong and resistant to climatic extremes, safe, easily installable, water-proof.
Packaging:Compound kraft paper and hard paper tube