Sell PVC Coated printable fabric

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NorthSun brand flex lamp covers has high blooting capacity and
color retention, and have met international standard quality material.
Wind, tear and age resistant greatly ensure the durability of outdoor using products.
1) Item:C-01, Polyester:550 x 550Dtex, Size:9*9/cm, Breaking:1300/1300N/5cm, Tear strength:200/200N, Adhesion:50N/5cm, Weight:500g/sq. m. ;
2) Item:C-02, Polyester:1100x1100Dtex, Size:8*8/cm, Breaking:2500/2200N/5cm, Tear strength:370/250N, Adhesion:50N/5cm, Weight:550g/sq. m. ;
Temp resistance:-30/70Celsius degree, Flame resistance:B1, Width:from 2.5meter up to 3.5meter available. Style:Frontlit or Backlit, Matt or Glossy.
Application:Billboards, Supports poles, Displays, Lamp covers, Building decoration, Exhibition both decoration, Outdoor Signposts, Banners, Outdoor Posters, and Signs with company names and logos.
Features:high blotting capacity and colour retention, tear and age resistant, unique outdoor performance, Self-cleaning.
Packaging:Compound kraft paper and hard paper tube