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PVC Door (ST-X-680)
1) Material:
A) Surface: PVC
B) Wood sheet of door leaf: 6mm or 8mm MDF veneers
C) Filling: Fir wood (a kind of wood that will never go out of its shape easily) .
2) Dimensions(H. W. T) : 2,000x800x40mmor as per requirements
3) Opening direction: swing-in, swing-out
4) Lock handle position: on left/ on right
5) Advantage:
A) Good quality: Firm, not tend to distort
B) Free painting, instead of lacquer.
C) No formaldehyde, toluidine, no radiated pollution, environmentally friendly.
D) Provides individual designs: The door leaf pattern, color, lock hold and door frame are free to choose from a wide selections