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The models of Pleated Doors had been created for people of good taste. Ideals for interiors of residences, offices, store, clinics, clubs. . .
You can create and innovate personalizing its space and valuing the decoration. Manufactured in PVC, they are excellent for environment separation, presenting praticidade, beauty and economy in the installation, without speaking of the Tecnoperfil quality of drawing in PVC.
 It has led and of easy installation;
 It better slides in opening and to close;
 Dismissal painting;
 Latch and knobs in the color of the door;
 Resistant to the humidity;
 Immune from termite;
 It doesn't propagate flames; Easy to clean. It is enough a humid cloth and neutral soap;
 Resistant to the salt, excellent for littoral regions.

 Adequate geometry of the superior track;
 Roletes in nylon (with lubricative characteristics) reduces the attrition, allowing easy landslide.
 Quality of drawing of profiles in PVC;
 Accessories supplied in the color of the door;
 Anatomical knobs;
 Light and easy to install!
Available Colors