Sell PVC Hazard Warning Tape

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PVC Hazard Warning Tape, is made from a durable vinyl film with a permanent acrylic adhesive system, that is great for marking hazards on floors, walls, equipment and pipe banding.

The standard size is:
0.15mm x 50mm x 33m(16.5m)
0.15mm x 75mm x 33m(16.5m)
0.15mm x 100mm x 33m(16.5m)
0.15mm x 1250mm x 33m(16.5m)

The standard core ID is 76.2mm.

The normal color is Green/White, Red/White, Yellow/Black, Black/White

Physical Properties:
Tensile Strength (N/cm) : 23N/cm
Elongation at Break (%) : 150%
Peel Adhesion (N/cm) : 1.2N/cm
Unwinding force(N/cm) : 2.3N/cm
Temperature Resistance (0C) : -10 -- +80
Shelf Life (month) : 12months