Sell PVC Impact Modifier-CPE

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Product Name the Impact Modifier - CPE

Catalogue the Impact Modifier

Typical Specification
Item Unit NX135 -I NX135 -II
Chlorine content % 33-37 38-42
Volatile content %<= 0.4 0.4
Screenings 0.9mm %<= 1.0 1.0
Shao's hard A<= 65 70
Tensile strength Mpa>= 6 6
General Information
Product Packaging: 25kgs polypropylene duplicate-film valve bag.

Product Application
NX135 is a series of plastic products. It has advantages of high strength, high filling, anti-aging, anti-impact, etc. , and widely served as PVC impact modifier, non-transparent products. This product complies with the HG/T2704-2002.
NX135-I used in PVC profile shape.
NX135-II used in PVC pipe.