Sell PVC Impact Modifier-MBS

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Product Name The Impact Modifier - MBS resin

Category The Impact Modifier in PVC Processing

Typical Specification
Items Figure
NX-01 NX-05
MBS Resin Powder Appearance White powder White powder
Surface density, g/cm3 >= 0.25 0.33
Volatile, %(m/m) <= 1.0 1.0
Particle size (residue/micro) %(m/m) <= 1.0 1.0
MBS/PVC The property of the co-mixture Cantilever beam impact strength, KJ/ m2 >= 5.5 7.0
Transparence ratio, % >= 85 82.5
Mist, % <= 5.5 7.0
General Information
MBS resin is made from butadiene, styrene and MMA through the following producers of polymerization with the butyl-benzene emulsion, grafting polymerization, agglomeration of emulsion breaking, evaporation and other process. This resin is mainly used as the additive of the impact and transparence modifier in PVC processing.
MBS is a kind of white-colored powder without the particular size. It has good properties of the transparence, chemical stability, thermal-molding and anti-impact modification properties. This product complies with the GB9681-88.

Product Packaging: The product should be double-layer packed. The outside packing is craft paper bag with plastic woven bag and the inner packing is the plastic bag. 20kgs net/bag.

Storage and Handling: Avoid insolation, drench. Stored in cool and draughty place.

Product Application
NX-01 can be used in making of PVC packing thin film, wring film, heat-shrinked film. NX-05 can be used in making of PVC transparent flake plate and PVC granule.