Sell PVC Internal Lubricant - NX-GH4

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The PVC Internal Lubricant - NX-GH4
General Information
NX-GH4 is a complex made from long chain fatty acid (oleic and linoleic) .
Product Packaging: 20kgs net/carton or 25kgs net/ the plastic woven bag.
Storage and Handling: Avoid insolation, drench. Stored in cool and draughty place.
Shelf life : 1 year .
Product Application
NX-GH4 is an internal lubricant for PVC products processing.
It is used preferably for transparent application .
NX-GH4 can enhance the surface luster of the products, and improve the flowing property.
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PVC heat stabilizer : SS-218 Methyl tin mercaptide, SS-318 Methyl tin Mercaptide
PVC Internal lubricant: NX-GH4, NX-G16S, NX-G32
PVC External lubricant: NX-G78, NX-G70s, NX-G312
PVC Impact Modifier : MBS NX-01, MBS NX-05, CPE NX135-I, CPE NX135-II
PVC Processing Aid : ACR NX-401A, ACR NX-401B, ACR NX-401C
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