Sell PVC Pipe Extrusion Line

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We supply the PVC pipe extrusion line with the production of diameter 12 mm upto 630mm
Advanced and unique screw design concept ensures the high efficiency extrusion of PVC material
Unique screw design ensures flexible plasticizing and super-high output extrusion
Advanced control system ensures the good ruuning
The concept of the spider die guarantees outstanding product characteristics for PVC materials
Ideal dwell time profile over the whole flow cross-section
Hommogeneous melt distribution with selective temperature control
With two-stage vacuum system in vacuum calibration bath for large diameter pipe
With automatic water level and temperature monitor and cycling system
With cycling liquid filter system
Special integral transmission unit avoids asynchrony of individual transmission
High-reliable transmission system ensures the normal extrusion
Advancded four connecting rod structure makes self-centering of haul-off's loacating
accurate pressure regulating system makes hauling power adjustable
Full-hydraulic design ensures flexible pressure in cutting state of pipes
Unique power input system ensures high reliability of planetary unit
With ultra silent & enforced sucking system
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