Sell PVC Rolls, Adhesives, Assorted PP, Acrylic Scrap, Nylon Film in Bales for SALE.

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If your company is manufacturing using any of the items described in our title we welcome you to contact us asap for FOB prices for the below listed materials as follows;

Item: PVC regrind - Samples available upon request [See attached photo].

Description: Ground PVC from fatigue mats - mechanically air foamed or
with chemical blowing agent
Colors: generally mixed dark colors
Durometer: believed to be in the low 70's
Specific Gravity: believed to be about 1.25
All buyer feedback and reports are that the mechanically air foamed
material processes the same as the material without mechanical air foaming
or chemical blowing agent.

Quantity: 92,000 lbs - 0 - lbs is without blowing agent
80,000 lbs mechanically air foamed 12,000 lbs with chemical blowing

Present Form: In gaylords

We also have other materials for sale including the following;

Item: # 1 Adhesive

Description: Material is 49% natural rubber
49% aliphatic hydrocarbon resin
Less than 2% anti-aging and whitener additives

Quantity: 250,000lbs per year
40,000 lbs per trailer or 45 container

Present form: 3000 lbs per 40 gallon fiber drum

Item # 2 PVC Rolls and logs of electrical tape

Material : PVC with a thin layer of synthetic rubber based adhesive, Durometer of 70 to 80 for the PVC film.

Quantity: 350,000lbs for the 6 months July 1, 2004 thru January 31,2005/ 40,000 lbs loads

500,000 lbs/yr of rolls over 80% is black .
200,000 lbs /yr of logs over 80% black

Present form: Rolls Similar in size to a roll of electrical tape but the fiber coe has been removed. The majority are end cuts which are about = wide and have adhesive on one half the width and no adhesive on the over half.
Logs: about 3 in diameter and 49 long. The log has been split in half along the length of the log and the core has been removed.

Note: The above are in separate gaylords.

Item # 3 Assorted PP by products of a BOPP film process

Material: Pellets  clear-reprocessed- in gaylords
Cast sheet- clear-32 to 42 wide on 6 fiber core
3.5 mil clear film- Jumbos of clear usable film-43 to 60 wide on 6 fiber core . There is no adhesive on any of this material.
Quantity: 240,000 lbs or more assorted , projected for July, Aug, Sept of 2004
Material: BOPP Polypropylene film  95% clear and 5% matte
Printable due to a corona treatment or flame treatment on two sides for 49.5 width and one side for all other film widths.
This film is not heat sealable. There are no other treatments or coatings. The film is not blocked and be unwound when it leaves the plant. There is no adhesive on any of the material.
Thickness : ranges from 0.6 to 2 mil: ex.6,1.0,1.2,1.4,1.6,1.8,1.95 and 2

Width: 70% 61 to 63 on 6 fiber cores
20% 80 > on 6 fiber core
10% other widths such as 40 , 50, and 72

Quantity : 500,000 lbs projected July, Aug, and Sept of 2004-06-21
40,000 lbs net or more per load, container or trailer

Present form: Jumbos. Note : Jumbos weigh from 500 to 2,000 lbs each

Item # 4 Acrylic Scrap

Clear acrylic scrap lumps , chunks strands patties regrind
Mixed color acrylic scrap lumps , chunks , strands , pattes regrind
Impact modified acrylic , lumps, chunks, strands, pattes regrind
Acrylic scrap sheet with scratch resistant coating one or both sides
Acrylic dust and fines from vaccum conveying

These above are available of quantities of 400,000 lbs per month on going bases

Acrylic mirror end cuts and trimmings
Acrylic scrap mirror scrap clear and colors sizes 1ft x3ft to 4ftx 8ft

Item # 5 Nylon film in bales
Quantity of 80,000 per month
END. .

Please contact us immediately if you are interested in any of the above items.

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