Sell PVC Shrink Film

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Physical Properties

Item Unit Test Method Representative Value
Density g/cm3 --- 0.92
Thickness u ASTM-D374 20 26
Tensile strength N/mm2 ASTM-D882 MD/TD MD/TD
104/101 102/93
Elongat at break % ASTM-D882 MD/TD MD/TD
81/82 91/94
Heat Shrinkage % 1300 C.5min MD/TD MD/TD
60/60 60/60
Tear resistance g ASTM-D1938 MD/TD MD/TD
20/22 23/27
Seal strength N/mm2 QB/T2358 40 40
Gloss 45% % ASTM-D2457 88 84
Haze % ASTM-D1003 1.2 1.8
Uk --- ASTM-D1894 0.4

Comparison between the properties of Wangjiang PP/LLDPE and PP, PVC shrink film

Wangjian PP/LLDPE S. F PVC. S. F
Econom iccharacter Low density, thin ang light, low actual cost. High-grade film, show the value of packed product fully.
High density, high actual cost.

Use Optimal coad resistance won tbecomehard and crisp under lowtemperature. Packed product free of deformation in ong-time preservation, conformity of shape to the packed product, show the graceful bearing of the porodut
Poor cold resistance, become hard and crisp under low temperature. Unevenly shrinkage with long-temperser vation, packed product goes deformed.

Proper ties Softmess and toughness, high strenght, low thickness tolerance. High barrier, transpaerncy and gloss. High shrinkage.
Hard and crisp, high thickness tolerance. Poor barrier, transparency and gloss.

Processing Good sealing , easy to operate.
Suit for high speed packing machine
Easy to sticmk, difficult to operate

Safety Sealing edges remain soft and harmless after packing.
Notoxic gases are prlduced in the heat-sealing process
No carbon pellet will be produced during hest-sealing process.
Sealing edges tends to be sharpened and harmful to hands or fingers. gase will be produced. Carbon pellet will be produced during heat-sealing process.


Item Unit SF DF
Thickness u 14-30 14-30
Width mm 150-2100 80-1000
Length/Roll m 1000-3000 800-1500