Sell PVC Windows and Door Profiles Extrusion Line

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The door and windows profile is made of PVC powder. It is widely used as window and door profile, as well as decorative material. With modern technology and optimized design, it has the property of high output capacity, long life and plastic evently.

This kind of production line is designed for extrusion of PVC plastic doors and windows profiles and cross-section communication cable pipes, Aluminum-plastic composite profiles, etc. It has stable plastification, high output, low sheering force, long life service and other advantages. PVC profiles can be used in the building industry and home or office.

The production lien consists of control system, conical twin screw extruder, extrusion die, calibration unit, haul-off unit, film covering machine and stacker. The extruder is equipped with alternating-current converter, imported temperature controllers. The calibration units pump and haul-off units reducer are the famous brand products.

After simple changing of the die and crew, it also become possible to produce foam profiles.
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