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I Brief introduction
MBS resins products are graft copolymers of methyl methacrylate(M) , butadiene(B) and styrene. It is used for modified PVC to make it have special performances or improve its comprehensive performances. MBS resins have extensive applications and are almost used for all transparent PVC as impact modifier, such as PVC transparent bottles, transparent sheets and transparent films etc. , and can also used for high impact opaque PVC products as tubular products and pipe fittings.
In 1991, our company successfully developed MBS graft polymerization technology and transformed it into industrial production. The products are always in the lead in our country. What is more, our company make good use of advanced technology and has pushed out MBS series, among which, M-51 has been listed 1995 annual national grade key new products; M-338 has won the support from the innovation funds of the State Science and Technology Ministry, and also listed national grade Torch Plan project of the year of 2001. MBS series have been tested to belong to non-toxic products and are suitable for food and medicine packaging.
MBS resin needs to use different types as different usages due to their different compositions. After many years research, our company has successfully empolded M-51A, M-22 and M-338, and is a MBS manufacturer with the largest output.
II product performance

III Technical index
Designation of index Index
Appearance White powder
Screened remains% (Screen hole 10005m) <=1.0
volatility (%) <=1.0
Apparent density (g/cm3) 0.25-0.45
IV Usage
It is used for PVC as impact modifiers and has the functions to promote plasticization and improve surface finish, and suitable for food and medicine packaging, among which:
M-51A are suitable for PVC films and sheets and equal to B-31 and B-51 of Kaneka company and BTA-705 of Kureha company.
M-22 is suitable for PVC bottle materials and twisted films and equal to B-22 of Kaneka company and BTA-712 of Kureha company.
M-338 is suitable for high impact opaque PVC products and equal to M-511 of Kaneka company and BTA-751 of Kureha company.
V Packing and storage
Packing: kraft compound bag inside with plastic film bag, net weight 25 kg per bag.
Storage: it should be stored and transported as non-hazardous articles. It should be stored in a dry place and kept away from fires. It is strictly forbidden to store and transport with inflammable organic solvents together.
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