Sell PVC pipe extrusion production line

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1. Detailed Product Description

A. Summary:
PVC pipe extrusion production line is mianly used to make PVC, U-PVC, C-PVCand M-PVC pipes for water supply and drainge , eletric pipe and so on.
it can produce the diameter of PVC pipes from 16mm to 630mm in different thinkness wall by mean of changing the type of machine and mould.
B. make-up
the extrusion production line is composed by conical twin screw extruder, pipe mould , vacuum calibrator, cooling tank, haul- offer machine, cutter , overturn stacking frame and so on.

C. Features of PVC pipe production line:

1) . Extrusion die of PVC pipe line : innovative spiral flowing structure, homogeneous melt distribution with selective temperature control

2) . Vacuum calibration water tank of PVC pipe plant: with visible stainless steel structure, With two-stage vacuum system in vacuum calibration tank for large diameter pipe

3) . Spray cooling water tank of PVC pipe extruding line: special spray ensure fast cooling effect, stainless steel effects environmental concept, With accurate water level & water temperature automatic control system with advanced valve& element.

4) . Hauling unit of PVC pipe machine: Separate speed reulation and flexible hauling method, high-reliable transmission system ensures the high eficiency and high quality normal extrusion.

5) . Cutting unit of PVC pipe extruding equipment: Full-hydraulic design ensures flexible pressure in cutting state of pipes, Unique power input system ensures high reliability of planetary unit.

D. techinical parameter:

1) . model :PVC-50( double pipe extrusion) , PVC-160, PVC-450, PVC-630

2) . Installed capaicty: 55KVA,100KVA, 200KVA,240KVA

3) . Total length: 18m, 25m ,35m ,40m

4) pipe diameter: 16-50mm, 63-160mm, 200-450mm, 315-630mm