Sell PVC soft sheet, pvc rigid sheet, pvc transparent sheet

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1. PVC soft sheet

PVC soft sheet has smooth surface. Its color is brown, green, white, grey and others. The product is made from high quality materials and has wide use.

Max Width: 1300mm;
Length: No Limit;
Recommended Standard: Width: 1300mm; Weight: 50 Kg/roll

Performance and Feature
The product is very soft and has fine cold resistant property, acid resistant property, alkali proof property, weldability and good anti-corrosion property. Besides, its physical property better than rubber and other coiled materials.

The product is widely used in chemical industry and galvanization ; the liner of the acid and alkali resistant , the electricity insulate and seal completely mat, train decoration, vehicle decoration and auxiliary materials and also used as the replacement product of rubber sheet.
2. PVC transparent board is a type of high strength and transparent plastic sheet materials. It is produced by advanced foreign technology and high quality imported auxiliary material. Its color is white, aquamarine, brown or coffee.

Thickness: 1. 5mm-20mm;
Max Width: 1300mm;

Performance and Feature
The product has high strength, high transparence and fine heat resisting quality; Innocuity, sanitation property and physical property is better than organic glass.

The product is widely use as equipment protecting piece, decoration materials, water tank and liquid crystal display materials.
3. The extrusive PVC rigid sheet of the company has very high quality. And the color of the PVC rigid sheet is gray or white; However we are able to produce brightly colored and beautiful colorized PVC sheet.

Thickness: 1mm-12mm /max width: 1500mm
Thickness: 12mm-25mm /max width: 1300mm
Length: Depends on the needs of clients

Performance and Feature
The product is manufactured in accordance with the GB/T13520-1992 Quality Standard. It has good chemical stbility, fine anti-corrodibility, high hardness and high strength; and the product aslo has well aging resistance, good self-extinguishing property and reliable insulativity. Moreover, the sheet is waterproof and has a very smooth surface; the sheet is non deformable and workable as well.