Sell PVC tilt & turn sliding door

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1. German VEKA profile, color laminating
2. easy to install
3. good looking with grille and screen etc.
4. also have folding door and sliding door

The German VEKA 58 and VEKA 73 plastic steel is applied to these products. The special design of the 3-chamber or multi-chamber improves the heat-insulating and sound-insulating performance of the material. The reasonable design of the drainages structure guarantees the avoidance of mutual infiltration. The broad steel lined inner chamber and the usage of a special steel liner (thickness: 1.5 mm) corresponding to the shape of the inner chambers improves the stability of the windows. The standard European installment of grooved hardware and the convenient multi-lock drive make these windows airtight. The specially designed raised inducting structure not only helps the set-up of hardware fittings but also improves their stability. It is corrosion resistant and can be used in severe environments such as wet, acidic and alkaline environments. These products maintain their color, and are also age resistant and safe. Various color-film profiles are available to meet your requirements.