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PVP I is a complex of PVP with Iodine. It exists as brown-red powder with properties of low toxicity, high efficiency and slow release. PVP-I can extinguish bacterial, virus, fungus, mildew and sporule effectively. It is a stable complex without irritation and dissolve in water completely.

Application: PVP I is used to disinfect skin and appliance in surgery and injection or protect patient from infection in stomatology, gynecology, chirurgery and dermatology. It is also used to sterilize kitchen utensils in family and prevent and cure animal's diseases. In addition, it acts as good microbicide in food and feed industry. PVP-Iodine is the first-selected iodine-containing microbicide and disinfector in developed countries.

Standard: USP 28
Supply Capacity
2000mt per year