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Applications of PVP are widely distributed in manifold industries, PVP is used as a main resin or minor additive to incorporate or to enhance a specific function. This underlines its versatility and its function as a special polymer.
PVP-K series can be used as film-forming agent, viscosity-enhancement agent, lubricator and adhesive. They are the key component of hair sprays, mousse, gels and lotions & solution, hair-dying reagent and shampoo in hair-care products. They can be used as assistant in skin-care products, eye makeup, lipstick, deodorant, sunscreen and dentifrice.

Povidone K30 is a new and excellent pharmaceutical excipient. It is mainly used as binder for tablet, dissolving assistant for injection, flow assistant for capsule, dispersant for liquid medicine and stain, stabilizer for enzyme and heat sensitive drug, coprecipitant for poorly soluble drugs, lubricator and antitoxic assistant for eye drug.
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