Sell PX-HY-180B Fast-Easy Packaging Protective-Leakage Sanitary Napkin Machine

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1. It can produce sanitary napkin with air-laid paper or fluffy pulp as absorbent material. Cotton core is molding in package type.
2. Independent small package is advanced in designing, complying with high-speed production, especially suitable to produce large-diameter sanitary napkin.
3. Material of srereo-protection and three-price style is molding on machine with also hitting dot on short-cut guide-flow cloth. Stereo U type is adjustable.
4. It can be equipped with stacker and safety-protective gate.

Structure & Character

1. Driving system consists of gearwheel box, universal shaft coupling and arc-gear synchronous belt.
2. It adopts large-diameter web wheel to lay down cotton fluff, SAP powder can be adjustable.
3. The main press-cut rollers adopt universal shaft driving.

Main Technical Parameter

1. Designed production speed: 550PCS/min
2. Stable production speed: Economical sanitary napkin 300~400 PCS/min Protective-leakage sanitary napkin 200~300 PCS/min
3. Machine power: 65kw (380v, 50Hz) (exclude glue applicators. )