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Pachira / Money Tree

Description - Origin

Pachira is one of the plants that have recently found their way into our homes. They are turning into one of the most popular indoor plants amazingly fast. Take a look at the photo, you have definitely come across one of these plants recently.

It is very often called Money Tree and is one of the feng-shui plants. It is supposed to be the plant that will bring good luck and money into your home. Its natural habitat are the wetlands in Central America (Mexico to Brazil) .

Their height ranges from the size of bonsais up to 2 meters. Their appearance is characteristic as their trunks are large and usually braided together (usually 3 or 5 trunks together) . Their leaves resemble the shape of a human hand with five fingers / leaves.

The rationale in braiding the trunks is also based on the feng shui theory. The leaves will bring in the money and the braided trunks will act as a cage where money get trapped into their home. The same theory also calls for red, gold or silver ribbons to be tied on the plants. Also, mainly in other countries, people place coins on the trunks aiming to enhance the plants qualities.

Pachira is the ideal gift for business openings, business gifts or for newlyweds since it will bring them good luck and money. And apart from these, it still is an impressive plant to make your home or office look better.