Sell Package production line ZH-002+K170+ZX550

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The package production line consists of an automatic casting machine, a packing film baler and an automatic case packing machine. It is the back-up facility of aluminum-plastic blister packing machine. This line can finish all the producing process automatically.

Automatic casting machine ZH-002 is used for pharmaceutical packaging industries. It can put aluminum-plastic board (aluminum foil bag medicine board) and plastic bottle (glass bottle) into the paper box automatically, including the enfoldment and delivery of the instruction, the forming of paper box, the printing of the batch number and the packaging of the paper box. Whats more, this machine can hook up aluminum-plastic blister packing machine, bottle casting machine, packing film balers and automatic case packing machine.

Packing film automatic baler K170 is a mechanical facility with high energy-saving, good quality and material saving. It is used for pharmaceutical industries and product packing industries. Comparing with other shrink packagers and three-dimensional closed type film packages in China, this way of packing can save more energy and materials. It has no need to heat the package and lower the temperature in the workshop. According to the calculation (compare with shrink packagers) , packing film automatic balers can save 90% power consumption and save about 50% package materials. On the other hand, this machine covers the shortage that shrink packagers bring and the products are more high class after packing.

ZX550 is a new generation of automatic case packing machine facility. It is developed by our company after absorbing the advanced techniques both at home and aboard. This machine is used for pharmaceutical packaging industries.
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