Sell Packaging Bags

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We can supply Packaging Bags as follows:

Item No. PictureSize Material MOQ US$/pc

IB003 35.5X21.5X27.5 600D 5000 2.95
w/o printing

IB004 22.5X1422.5 420D 5000 1.65
w/o printing

IB006 19X11.5X34 600D 10,000 2,04
w/o printing

IB007 30.5X12.5X38 600D 10,000 1.65
w/o printing

IB008 16.5X8X30 600D 10,000 1.50
w/o printing

IB009 18X18X32 600D 10,000 1.23
w/o printing

IB010 16X31.5X7.5 600D 10,000 1.26
w/o printing

IB011 16.5X8X38 600D 10,000 1.58
w/o printing

Payment: 40%deposit, rest by T/T 7 days before delivery.
Price Item: FOB
Production lead-time: 30-45 days.
Minimum order amount US$10,000 per shipment,
Additional US$300 as handling charge

If interested in any, Reply urgently with informations, purchase order, etc to proceed with more details and sample PHOTOS of diffrent packaging bags, etc. You can also send us your own bag design if you have a personal design or Logo.