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Automatic vertical packaging machine designed to form-fill and seal on four sides sachets of thermosealable material. Mechanical systems are not utilized for the control of movement apart from the alternation of the sealing jaws. Basic operations controlled by means of PLC interfaced with a display panel. Visualization of the following operations from the control panel: length of sachet, output speed, temperature of sealing jaws and sealing rollers, bag-counter, machine alarms, etc. Settings that can be made from the control panel include: length of sachet, output speed, sealing temperatures, number of sachets to form a group, timing for various devices such as printer, agitator, vibrator, etc. Photocell mark registration for printed film. Machine protections with power cut-off when doors are opened. Parts in contact with the product are in AISI 316 stainless steel. Electrical control cabinet according to the norms in force.