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Manufacturer from the Czech Republic offers following packaging machines: Vertical form fill & seal machine. Intermittent cycle machine for packaging of a wide range of fine pieces and loose products into different types of bags with outputs up to 200 bags/min. Dosing devices used for dosing of non-abrasive fine pieces products, such as coffee beans, rice, pulses, etc. , of loose abrasive products, such as direct sugar, kitchen salt, etc. , of powders, such as ground coffee, milk powder, cream powder, flour mixtures, etc. , of non-abrasive fine pieces products, e. g. coffee beans, pulses, rice, etc. , of powders like milled coffee, powdered cream, cappuccino, instant drinks, etc. Volumetric dosing of sauerkraut and pickle stainless steel execution, fine dosing of light loose and fine fragmentary products, granulates and some powder products. Machine for inserting groups of bags into cardboard boxes. Conveyors and conveyor lines.