Sell Pad-mounted Transformers

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General features of the products:
This series of product is a kind of integrated equipment developed on the basis of transformers. It is a combination of an oil immersion sealed type distribution transformer and high-voltage and low-voltage electric elements. Its transformer body, high-voltage load switch, fuse and other elements are all immersed in insulating oil, and its low voltage measurement and compensation can be allocated as required. This type of transformer features of proper in design structure, low in noises, reliable in power supply, compact, user friendly as well as being able to go into load center.

Product details:
1. Uniform insulation, hermetically sealed structure, free of maintenance, convenient for installation.
2. Compact in size, occupying small area and beautifying urban environment.
3. Low noise, low temperature rise, high ability of bearing overworking exceeds the nameplate capacity, and high ability of bearing sudden short-circuit.
4. High-quality steel sheets are adopted to make the electric power distribution cabinet, thereby greatly enhances the anti-rust capability. Products will not go rusted within 30 years.
5. Uniform insulated HV wire-leading terminals and cable accessories at HV side make there is not any bare live parts in HV space, charactered by safe and reliable during operation.
6. Pressing type dual-fuse protection. Plug-in type fuse has an advantage of dual sensing (temperature, current) protection, with the standby fuse used for protection for transformer faults. Meanwhile, there are complete inspection apparatus, such as pressure gauge, pressure valve, oil-level indicator, oil thermometer, etc.

Suitable for the service in urban public power distribution areas, high rise buildings, residential blocks, parks, expressways, as well as oil fields, factories and construction sites.

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