Sell Paint Striper(ride-on)

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I. Paint Striper(ride-on) , Model: XCZ-I

Application Paint: Normal solvent traffic paint, water based traffic paint.

1. Engine: Honda or Robin 20HP air-cooled gasoline ngine.
2. Driving speed: Forward: 0-22km/m; Reverse: 0-3km/h; Max climbing capability: 15 degree.
3. Micro-electronic control system: Four-type marking ways (also can specially design according to customers' standard) . Spray gun controller can freely change the guns between the single and double spray guns.
4. Chassis: Firm welding frame, chrome-plated, galvanizated or sprayed coating with corrosion resistance, equip with high speed bearing to ensure the whole machine lighter and more convenient.
5. Air-filled tubeless tyre, diameter: 400mm.
6. Paint tank: Capacity: 65L. Sieve inside the tank.
7. Glass beads bin: Capacity is 25kg, with window.
8. Size: 1880 x 740 x 1650mm, ( L x W x H) .
9. Weight: 564kg.

Paint Striper (self-propelled)
1. Application paints: Solvent paint and water base paint.
2. Engine: 16.0 Hp four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine. Fuel Tank: 8.0L
3. Driving system: Manual brake, drived by gear motor fitted on rear wheel, moving forward, reverse, stop and turn around easy and flexible.
4. Micro-control system: Pre-programmed 16 types of line for oosing, 8 standard line and 8 definable lines, can display mileage and sections of dashed.
5. Air compressor: Double-cylinder, double-strock compressor. Air flow: 0.8 m3/min.
6. Paint tank: Capacity 90L. With agitator and removable filter, easy cleaning.
7. Spray gun: Pneumatic ocntrolled spray gun for easy work, pneumatically gun bracket makes the spray gun keep at the same height over accidented road.
8. Glass bead spray system: Glass beads spraying and paint striping synchronously.
9. Line width: 10-20cm.
10. Guide rod: Freely adjustable to Up, down, left, right.
11. Front swivel caster: Pneumatic controlled for straight line striping. Released for curve striping, easy work.
12. Light and alarm: High intensity illuminating light for easy working at night, adjustable flicker frequency alarm light can greatly improve safety condidtion.
14. Skitboard: Located behind for operator standing to reduce fatigue.
15. Dimension: 1900mm(L) x 700mm(W) x 1500mm(H) .
16. Weight: 350kg

Optional: operator seat.

Operator Seat, ZT-I
Chassis: Firm welding frame, chrome-plated , galvanizated or sprayed coating with corrosion resistance,
high speed bearing to ensure the whole machine lighter and more convenient.
Rubber wheel: Diameter: 440mm.
High-back seat: Fully adjustable.
Dimension: 1050mm(L) x 650mm(W) x 1020mm(H) .
Weight: 38kg.