Sell Paint-stop LH

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Fiberglass dust collecting net, made of imported quality fine fiber glass, is one kind of environment-protection material with alternate green and white color. The fiber is fine and arranged orderly. While operation, the fiberglass paint block net engenders static by friction with pressed air, so that the net can absorb superfluous paint dissociative particles to reduce the environment pollution. The filter net ensures not only the discharged air more clean but also the air more clean in the inside circulation. To prevent the paint particle block on the net, please replace the used nets regularly. It's used to absorb superfluous paint dissociative particles and keep balance for the pressure in the working space.

Weight : 220gr/sqm
Thickness : 60mm
Air velocity : 1.3m/sec
Air flow rate: 4850M3/h
Initial resistance : 12Pa
Final resistance: 250Pa
Medium arrestance: 69.40%
Dust holding : 3850gr/sqm
Max temperature : 3500
Flame resistance : F-1 DIN 53438