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Wood-iron paint, tanking iron in the place of brush and high temperature in the place of ink, has a long history and deep culture in this ancient Eastern cultural country-China. Wood-iron paint has always existed in the form of handicraft among the folk people for thousands of years, just because of its unique way of representation.
Its ancient color and theme has been popular with all walks of people in different times but it has experienced flourishing and splendor, for it requires a much higher art quality. Its easy to have one or two craftsmen iron, but difficult to organize hundreds of or even more craftsmen to research and produce. Apart from this a certain kind of plate used for ironing hasnt been found in the past few years. Bai yang plate appeared in the market, which created necessary condition for art representation and choice for content. As for talents, with more and more students graduating from art school, the need for art talents is satisfied.
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