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Paintings of renowned artists for a cause You May Also Be Interested In: paintings
Dr. Alphonso and Ashok Ranjith are famous South Indian artists who have come together to sell therir work directly on the internet. They have formed an organization that will help young and upcomin artists.
Dr. Alphonso paints sensitive and elegant figurative art , which are an embodiment of grace. Ashok Ranjith focuses on loose cloth painitngs of great intellectual depth.
Known as the gurus of academic art , they have given selflessly to the progress of the Madras art movement.
Dr. Alphonso says "Anyone who sees my paintings will understand them and the sentiments will vibrate from them. I leave these patches of the white canvas without touching them up with white paint so that the canvas can speak, unhindered and unmasked, for itself. ". . . .
"I feel an artist must be totally aware of the goings on around him, if he decides to communicate through his work. I love communication on one hand, but on the other must retreat into my own world to communicate. Every time I actually approach a canvas, I am face to face with a paradox. I must paint at one go. "
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