Sell Pakistani Oranges/Mandarin(Kinnoo)

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Pakistani kinnoo(mandarin) is the best in taste and quality through out the world. Kinnow is grown primarily in the plains of punjab province of Pakistan. The kinnow season in Pakistan lasts from december to april. In Pakistan the kinnow is grown under totally natural conditions, the fruit is sun-ripen on the trees and carefully hand picked at precisely the right time of ripeness.

Processing line selects quality kinnow. They are washed, waxed and treated with citrashine+fungazil 500ec+tbz. After this treatment kinnow retain fresh upto 50days.

Kinnow has many distinctive features compared to other citrus varieties i. e. , easy peal, high juice content and rich flavor, high vitamin-c content, use of pulp to make desserts/jams/sauces, skin can be used to make cosmetics & essence.

Nutritional composition:

Juice content47.50%
Vitamin C: 31.75(mg/100 ml)
Calcium :40.00(mg/100 ml)
Phosphorous: 18.00(mg/100 ml)
Iron :00.40(mg/100 ml)
T. S. S :10.25%
Acidity :1.58%
Ph :3.05
Reducing sugar:3.75%
Non-reducing sugar:3.65%

Size of the Product=110-120 gm.
Packing of the Product:6kg,8kg,10kg or as required by the buyer, packed in wooden boxes or corrugated cartons.
Supply Capacity
Any quantity.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
10 Days.
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
40' Cont.
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