One Time Sell Palisade barrier

Palisade barrier
Palisade barrier main technique parameter power supply: 230V, 50/60HZ rating power: 120W (can be chosen) rating electricity: 1.0~1.1A speed-down rate: 1/123, 1/241 wrest distance: 130~200Nm work temperature: -20~+50 degrees use percentage (%) : 80 weight: 50KG1. Beam length :less than 4.5m, Lift time:6sCenter hight:0.92. Beam length :less than 4m, Lift time:6sCenter hight:1.5m Function: 1. Adopt Signo code technology, no need adjust the switch , only press the button to have one automatic inspect2. revolutionary innovation , can adjust the power , speed and speed-down 3. unique surface craft facture , wipe off rust with acid , deal with phosphorus and jet plastic . Assure that the color and the material of crust be fresh and prolong its life.4. auto revise the mistake of installation and program, and redeem the change caused by bad weather. 5. design apart for mechanism and electron part . Only need to open the coping of box , can it operate the controller . Open the front cover , can adjust the mechanism . Flexible and convenient.6. strong power, suitable for fast open and frequent use . Low power consumption , can work normally even if the beam out of balance in bad environment