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Guangdong Chencun the World of Flower Co. , Ltd is located in Chencun town, Shun De district, Foshan city of Guangdong Province which enjoys a very long history of growing horticultural flowers and plants. It is a world-wide famous hometown of various kinds of flowers and plants. In order to improve flower industry onto the road of intensive production, industrializational operation and international trade, it is established in 1998 as a big horticultural products market, which assembles the functions of production, sales, scientific research, training, information, import and export, exhibition, development and tourism.

The products we operate are flower or tree seeds, seedlings, potted flowers, bonsais, foliage plants, Chinese orchid, cattleya, virescence trees and horticultural facilities. Since it is the largest horticulture enterprise in South China, it radiates and drives the development of whole south Chin's flower industry. In 2006, the flower trade amount is $1.3 billion. The export amount is 20 million and mainly exported to Japan, Netherland, United States, South Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries.