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Panasonic 65-inch HDTV flat panel plasma tvreal mach system: The industry's best overall picture quality panasonic developed two new advanced components and integrated them in a synergetic way to form called the real mach system. The mach crystallizer provides the best driving characteristics for the display device.

The mach (multi-facet asymmetrical configuration hyper-pixel) panel then delivers the image's full quality potential. Together, these panasonic plasma display technologies reproduce images with the gradation and sharpness levels that are best suited to the way the human eye perceives objects. The result is picture quality and image depth that make for a high-impact viewing experience.

Up to 3,000:1 contrast ratio - new real black drive system provides deeper, richer blacks and enhances image clarity and realism

2,048 shades of gradation - new super real gamma system provides superior performance at brightness levels where the human eye sees best

Full time 3.62 billion (maximum 8.52 billion) displayable colors

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200 Units Per Month
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Panasonic 65-inch HDTV
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1 year