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Sinozyme have 13 experience in producing pancreatin and is the largest manufacturer and exporter in China, the main spec are as below:

Pancreatin USP*11
Pancreatin USP*8
Pancreatin USP*5
Pancreatin NF*10
Pancreatin NF*4
Pancreatin BP*4
Pancreatin BP*3
Pancreatin BP*2

Product Name: PANCREATIN (USP, EP, BP, CP)

Resource: porcine pancreas

General introduction: pancreatin is a white or yellowish powder. It is a combination of protease, amylase and lipase. Its activity will disappear by boiling its solution or under acidity condition. It can help digesting protein, starch and fat under the pH of 6.8-8.5
Function: pancreatin is used to cure indigestion, loss of appetite, dysfunction of digestive system caused by Liver or pancreatic gland disease and indigestion caused by diabetes
Brief Introduction of production: pancreatin is extracted from porcine pancreas by our exclusive extraction skill

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