Sell Panel tanks for water/liquid storage

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These Panel Tanks are available in capacity from 10,000 Litres to 3.5 Million Litres. The material used is Zincalume steel (alloy made up of 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon) . Zincalume steel has 4 times the life of Galvanized steel. The tanks come with a heavy duty Polyethylene Reinforced Food Grade Liner. Our Standard tanks are designed for water storage with a pH level between 4 & 12. These tanks can be used for storage of wine, juice & some chemicals as well. Please go through the following comparison of our tanks with MS, RCC & SS tanks.

1. Food Grade
2. No Algae Formation
3. No Corrosion
4. Negligible Maintenance
5. Easy Relocation
6. Light Weight
7. 50-60 years of trouble free life
8. No change in liquid temperature
9. Expandable