Sell Papain & papaya powder

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We are a biological products company from China, and our product papain & papain powder, widely used in food industry(beer clarify) , cosmetic, medical, forage industry etc. I belief our products may help for your company's earning, If you are interested in our product please do not hesitate to contact us.

Papain is an albumen Hydrolysis enzyme which distill & purify from papaya fruit by advance biochemical technology, It's a type of plant albumens enzyme, Natural, Safety & innocuity, convenient application is our papain product's features.

Application of products
[Food Industry]
To manufacture meat tenderizers, beer clarifier, and biscuit leavening agent, soy sauce fermenting agent, and used in proteolytic plant and animal protein, to make into high health products.

[Medical Application]
It is recorded in Chinese Traditional Medicine Dictionary that papain can resist cancer, tumor, lymph white blood cell, bacteria, parasite, tubercle bacillus, etc. Also, it can diminish inflammation, build gall bladder, relive pain, and help digestion. Moreover, it has remarkable effect on gynecology disease, glaucoma, and osseous hyperplasia, wound and blood type identification, and insect bites as well.

[Commotity Industry]
Used in washing powder, soap, toilet soap, and detergent, etc, to promptly remove stubborn dirty, and to make cloth soft and freshly while disinfect it.

[Forage Industry]
To be added in feed ingredients or directly mixing into feed will remarkably increase utilizing rate and transforming rate of protein, so that it can lower feed cost and develop resource of protein, for instance, use as additive in feed to pig, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, goose, fish, shrimp, cow and eel, etc.

[Feather Industry]
To make into molting agent and tan leather can make pore exquisite and leather brighter.

[Textile Industry]
To be use in refine of silk spinning and cellulose acetate mixture, processing wool and silkworm chrysalis degum, and refining natural silk, so that it can prevent systole, improve strength and make smooth and systole rate being zero.