Sell Papain Enzyme

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Papain is a type of vegetable protease which is isolated from the tropical fruit papaya enzyme through purification technology and has strong biological activity and the decomposing ability of protein. Papain is widely used in the line of Medical Application, Food Leather Industry, Cosmetic Industry, brewing industry, etc. We supply coarse and refined papain, whose activity ranges from 50,000 u/g to 3,500,000 u/g. It features good insolvency attenuation 10% in normal indoor temperature within a year. It has even better effect under low temperature.

Medicine industry
Papain tablets, papain eating throat tablets, papain digestive capsule and papain serum etc Made from papain compound can help ease swelling, alleviate inflammation, improve immunity, promote digestion and diminish
Intestinal parasite.

Food industry
Papain can hydrolyze the animal and plant protein, as well as placenta and bean, thus, the papain can be made into softener for biscuits, tenderizer for meat and purifying agent for beer and wine ferment etc. It is widely used in wine brewing industry, soy making and beverage manufacturing industry.

Cosmetic industry
Skin-care products made from papain such as papain whitening soap, soap, facial cleanser and body wash can help remove cuticle, thus making you skin soft, tender and full of vigor. Papain?s other usage includes papain wash, washing powder and hand wash etc.