Sell Paper Core Machine/Paper Tube Machine

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Paper Tube Machine/Paper Core Machine
Model: HX-ZJJ-B

This machine is generally used together with Rewinding and Punching Toilet Paper Machine such as HX-1092/1575 Machine, it can cut Paper Tube automatically without stopping this machine, the Length can be set up according to requirement, the length will be approximately exact.

Main Technical Parameter:
1. Production Speed: 8 ~ 18m/minute;
2. Roll Core Specification: Core Inner Diameter 25mm - 65mm
3. Roll Core Layer: 2~3 layers;
4. Raw Paper Specification: 250~400g/M2; Width: 50~85mm;
5. Power: 4.2kw (380V 50HZ)
6. Overall Size(L*W*H) : 2.0*0.74*1.5m
7. Weight: about 0.8 Ton.

Remark: it will be just 2 kinds of specification between 25mm - 65mm, client(buyer) should specify 2 sizes.