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Paper cut is handmade, it has the millennium history in China, the artisan uses the scissors or the carving tool 100% handmade manufacture. They are cut out in the inside as well the edges and thus stand-out against any background. Each motif is an unbroken, continuous piece. Paper cuttings are one of China's most popular forms of visual art. This art style abstracts the main characters of objects and expresses them by using the simple materials. It is mainly used as decorations. It can be pasted on different kinds of cards and framed just like a painting. Paper-cuttings have different uses or purposes. These can be used as an ornament in gates, windows, walls, columns, mirrors, lamps and lanterns. These are still widely used today in some important festivals especially during Chinese New Year. It is very important to put paper-cuttings at the entrance gates for it brings good luck for the family. These paper-cuts also can be used to create greeting cards, decorate photo albums, make bookmarks or design a poster. The paper cut will make a wonderful gift for your loved one or a special addition to your home. Paper-cut brings to your home a fine balance.

Style No. : QN-0019
Desc. : Paper-cut(er'longxizhu)
Size: 60cm x 35cm
Condition of Goods
Model Number
QN - 0019